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Rainbow Rubber Ducks - by the dozen

Rainbow Rubber Ducks - by the dozen

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🌈 Dive into Pride Month with a splash of color and a dash of joy!

Our Rainbow Rubber Ducks are a special purchase available in limited quantities, ready to make a vibrant statement on your next cruise adventure.

These delightful little quackers are not just ducks; they're a celebration of love and diversity, decked out in brilliant stripes of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

At a charming height of 1.77 inches, each duck is perfectly sized for secret duck hiding or to brighten up your cabin décor. Whether you're a seasoned Quacker or new to the flock, these Rainbow Rubber Ducks are bound to be the talk of the deck. But hurry—like a rainbow after a storm, they won't be around for long!

🎉 Why You'll Love Our Rainbow Ducks:

  • Vibrant and Playful: Each duck is a burst of color with a glossy finish, perfect for celebrating Pride in style.
  • Special Purchase in Limited Quantity: They're a rare find, so snap them up before they sail away!
  • Perfect for Hiding: Spread the joy with a quacky duck that says you care, and care colorfully!
  • Sold by the Dozen: Get a full fleet of these colorful companions for all your duck hiding adventures or share with friends!

🛳️ Ready to make your cruising experience even more memorable? Add a splash of rainbow to your travels and let the fun fly sky-high! Because nothing says "Happy Pride" like a quacktastic buddy by your side.

Stock is limited! Get your Rainbow Rubber Ducks today and let's paint the seas with the colors of pride! 🌈

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