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Midnight Marina Duck Hideaway Luggage Cover

Midnight Marina Duck Hideaway Luggage Cover

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Join the secret society of duck hiders with our "Midnight Marina Duck Hideaway Luggage Cover" where the thrill of the hunt meets tropical elegance.

Adorned with a moonlit cruise ship and rubber ducks basking in the calm ocean waters, this luggage cover is a playful nod to the beloved onboard game. The night-themed hues set against the vibrant coral and flora create a striking contrast, perfect for the cruiser with a penchant for fun and a taste for style. 

  • Comes in four sizes (S to XL) to ensure a snug fit on most major luggage brands and sizes
  • Openings for the top and side handles and telescopic pole let you easily access your luggage without removing the cover
  • Protect your precious luggage from scratches, scuffs, and stains
  • Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or unzip the bottom zipper and toss it in the washing machine for a quick refresh

This item is crafted especially for you, made to order, and we won't start until you place your order. Our typical production time falls between 5 to 7 days. After your item is carefully made, it's then shipped, with an estimated 10-15 days for delivery to your doorstep.* This luggage cover is made from a blend of polyester and canvas

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